Mailing List

How to set up a Mailing List in cPanel

Mass emailing

Avoid sending to multiple addresses using the CC field; everyone will see each others email address.

You can always send to extra addresses using BCC, but this can be a hassle when you often have new people to email.

You may want to set up a mailing list to send an email to many people; there is no way for the receivers to see each others emails, and the list automatically updates with new members. There are many mailing list scripts on the internet, but we recommend to use PhpList, located in Fantastico.

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Click on Fantastico De Luxe.
  3. Click on phpList.
  4. Select the domain you plan to email from.
  5. Invent a name for the Install in Directory, like “phplist”.
  6. Fill in the rest of your preferred information and install.

Note for Shared, Reseller and SEO Hosting: If you choose the Cron method, do not set the frequency to less than 15 minutes.

Now simply visit your phpList installation. The URL will be similar to

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